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Sports Insight has a unique range of products & services to cater various sporting needs and sporting bodies. We have a keen interest in customizing the services as per some specific need of the time/ player. The products are almost a do-it-yourself model. Each one has been put through a rigorous test by our professional experts.



Intelligent Cricket is our cricket match analysis software equipped to scientifically analyze different aspects in a ‘Live Cricket’ match like batting, bowling, fielding, partnership, and over by over analysis.

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Intelligent Field is a specially designed scientific solution for monitoring the fielders and the overall fielding performance of a team. It is a one-stop shop for all fielding needs.

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iCricket Practice is a cricket practice analysis software designed to analyze the different aspects in a live cricket practice or a match simulation session where a coach may set certain target(s) & give a unrealistic challenge to see how they over come the hurdles. This application gives extensive analysis on the player’s performance in such situation(s).

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Liberous is advanced solution which aids coaches & players in Volleyball. It is an unique performance analysis solution. The user will be able to tag all the events in the game using Liberos.

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Smash is a performance analysis solution built for the high-speed game of badminton. With the help of the software, the user would be able to tag all the possible events happening in the the court. Read more about Smash


Full Back

Full Back is an end to end hockey match analysis solution which helps the coaches monitor each and every pass,shot and every touch in real time as it is highly impossible for a coach standing on the by-line to monitor

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Corner kick is a football match analysis solution to empower the team analyst/coach in monitoring player movements like every kick, every pass and every touch in real time. As we know, its impossible for a coach standing on the by-line to monitor Read more about CornerKick


Prime Fitness

Prime-Fitness is an an advanced injury management and rehabilitation tool, which helps the medical department to keep track of his/her medical records over a long duration of time Read more about Prime Fitness



Pro-Trainer software is your dream tool with a complete range of features including digital video capture at up to 1200 frames-per-second*, slow-motion playback, freeze-frame analysis and extensive graphics tools for preparing lessons. Read more about Pro-Trainer


Mini DV Camcorder

Mini DV is a digital format that is inexpensive compared to the costs of other camcorder media. A typical Mini DV tape will cost about 3 or 4 dollars and record twice as much footage as a standard DVD

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FireWire, or IEEE 1394, is a peripheral standard originally developed by Apple Computer that allows devices to interconnect and exchange information at a very high rate of speed. Read more about Cables



Nothing will do as much to improve your photography or film-making as using a good tripod, and whether you want the smallest, lightest camera support to carry with you Read more about Tripod